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Simply Practical Potions by Kathy Toledo

Hi there!  My name is Kathy Toledo. 

I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Tarot card collector, crystal and gem lover, essential oil enthusiast and user, foodie, animal lover, practical common sense kind of woman.  I enjoy pampering people, finding simple solutions for what ails them.  I am a skeptic of most things as first, but if something works for me, you better believe I will tell you about it, and how it could make your life better, possibly.  I live in Southern California with my husband of 30+ years, and our two kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.  I love the research and development part of my business.  It's fun to try different natural ingredients, oil blends, etc. to come up with a product that works awesome!  I am a DoTerra Essential Oil Independent Contractor, and use their products for almost every household item you can.  I feel that we need to go back to the natural way of taking care of ourselves, our families, and our homes.  However, I am not someone who thinks that you shouldn't go to see your doctors when needed.  I think that there needs to be a balance of modern medicine and ancient/old ways.  

First of all let me tell you how I came up with the name of my business.  Don't let the name scare you, it is actually very harmless.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I am lovingly teased by those around me about being a witch.  I make essential oil remedies, body treatments, etc., for those who ask, and are told that my "potions" work like magic.  Especially when it comes to my cold mix that I make.  If a friend or family member sneezes, coughs, etc., someone also says "You need the potion."  So that is what I call my business.  I am all into the simpler the better point of view.  I am also practical to a fault (I had my husband take my engagement ring back to we could buy furniture), but sentimental also.   I do consider myself kind of a modern pagan.  I love rituals, not that they will actually do anything, but feel the symbolism is important.  I take them as a confirmation of what I want to happen.  So, some of my "potions" will have names that sound that way.  I don't make them in a cauldron over a fire, naked in the full moon.  Although, that would be kind of cool, maybe.   

I hope that you will find my products as awesome as my friends, family and I do.  They are all made with natural ingredients, a sprinkle of love, a dash of care, and a dollop of positive energy.